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Controlling the Chaos – Magic Kingdom Rope Drop – The Stampede to See Anna and Elsa

Many of us love to get to the Magic Kingdom® before opening to witness “rope drop” and the opening ceremony performed each day. I go because I enjoy the excitement of the ceremony. Many go so they can make a mad dash to the most popular attractions to either get in line or when paper Fastpasses were still in use, to grab a Fastpass.

Sisters-anna-and-elsaRecently the popular Anna and Elsa from the movie “Frozen” moved to the Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall from their original location in the Norway Pavilion of Epcot. Since this move those that have not been able to book a FastPass+ through MyDisneyExperience have been attending rope drop in order to get in line to see the popular duo. The result has been a stampede like rush when the gates open with pushing and shoving to get to Princess Fairytale Hall (not sure what this behavior teaches the children that you are trying to get a space in line for).

AnnaElsaWaitTimeBFPThe lines to see Anna and Elsa have been as long as 4 or 5 hours at times (there isn’t a character created that I would be willing to stand in line for 5 hours to see). The behavior of guests (parents) during this early morning stampede has prompted Disney to change rope drop procedure. There will be no more stampede once the gates open. Everyone will behave in a Disney-like manner without pushing, running, shoving, knocking down anyone or anything in their way in order to wait in line! Here is what you will encounter:

New Rope Drop MK


So…if you were looking to get into the Magic Kingdom® the moment it opened to make a mad dash to Princess Fairytale Hall to get in line – Let It Go! 

 UPDATE: A comment received on this post from Patrick also lets us know the following: “In addition to the new rope drop procedures, WDW is also making changes to how people wait in the standby line. Your entire party must enter and be in the line for the Princess Fairy Tale Hall. No longer will WDW allow a single member of your party to wait in line while the rest of your party joins you and “cuts” in line with you at a later point.Any party doing this are asked to return to the back of the line and start all over again.”

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Sunday 25th of May 2014

I'd also heard that during the previous "stampedes", people were running through the shops along Main Street USA to try to shave precious seconds, and knocking over merchandise and/or CMs and other visitors. Sheesh, people, it's just a highly overrated movie fad, calm down. It's not worth injuring others. I'm glad about the new rules.


Friday 16th of May 2014

I was befuddled by the crowd I found at the back gate to Epcot (where there is no opening ceremony) until I realized what the crowd was for. I've done the MK opening ceremony a few times with young kids and it always brings tears to my eyes!! such an emotional start to a day of magic!!


Friday 16th of May 2014

I have been going to the WDW since the 70's and still get excited by the opening ceremony!

Tom M.

Thursday 15th of May 2014

They should have at least 2 sets of Anna & Elsa. 1 set for FP+ and at least one other set for stand-by. It's very simple to weave each line to a separate and secure room. It's no brainer.

Pam Hilton

Friday 16th of May 2014

There is 2 sets of Elsa & Anna at Fairy Tail Hall. Just as there is 2 sets of the princesses on the other side. And there is still a 5 hour wait. Totally crazy. We would not wait. There is to many other fun things to see and do, to spend 1/2 of my day in one line. As you are escorted through if you look you will see 4 doors. Behind each door is a set of princesses.


Friday 16th of May 2014


Armer Wooley Tamara

Thursday 15th of May 2014

the people who are able and have been planning the longest and get up on the first day at 4-6 a.m. when their fastpasses can be first scheduled get the fast passes if you arent in that group I'd forgo this Meet the frozen character activity


Friday 16th of May 2014

i wasn't able to book my fast pass the first day and I booked mine in the middle of the day when i was finally able to book it

Thursday 15th of May 2014

If the people next to me had to take a child to the restroom I would let them back in line I would also back them up if a cast member said back of the line


Thursday 15th of May 2014

I agree. I really have no issue with restroom visits when lines are hours long. I really don't have an issue with parents taking turns either. A 4 hour wait for a child to see a Princess is really asking a bit much from the child.